May 24, 2024

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Sara Serraiocco as Baldwin Counterpart S02E08 In From The Cold Review

Counterpart S02E08 In From The Cold Review

Sara Serraiocco as Baldwin Counterpart S02E08 In From The Cold Review

Counterpart is an odd series to watch. In a world of alternate realities that revolve around a crossing the show is actually more focused on drama than Sci-Fi. Counterpart can be gut-wrenching to watch with a significant amount of gore, violence and nudity. Yet with a stellar cast that includes J.K. Simmons, Harry Lloyd and Sara Serraiocco it is also a delight to watch. Now we are nearing the end of season 2 and so it is time to determine where the show stands. Episode 8 revolves around two major plots.

Nazanin Boniadi as Clare - Counterpart S02E08 In From The Cold Review

The Quayle’s

In our world – Alpha dimension – Peter and Clare are dealing with the fallout of Peter’s continuous fuck-ups. After he resigns from the agency overseeing the crossing he suddenly finds secure footing. It is Clare who struggles with her years of working for the other side: killing her “other”, planning terrorist attacks and lying to her family. In this episode Clare finally determines to face her past with resolution. It is the source of some very good drama on Counterpart and it suddenly makes Clare and Peter a lot more interesting. During the last two seasons they really were privileged assholes.

The episode ends with Peter and Clare declaring a sort-of peace between them. They recognize they are both from different worlds, but their daughter is of both worlds. Clare warns Peter that Indigo – the terrorist group led by Mira can only be after one thing. In revenge on the belief the Alpha dimension caused the plague they will launch a plague of their own with a flu virus. Clare and Peter determine to stop Mira and ask for help from the last person who would give it – Naya Temple – who was tasked investigating the mole that undid Peter.

J.K. Simmons as Howard Silk - Counterpart S02E08 In From The Cold Review

The Silk’s

The story of the Silk’s is always a little bit harder to follow. So let me first recap. Our Howard Silk or Alpha Silk is currently on the other side in the Prime dimension. Vice verse is true for Prime Silk. Supposedly they are both trying to figure out who is undermining their respective organizations, but somewhere in season 2 that plot fell by the wayside.

Our Howard’s wife Emily is a recovering substance abuser who also happens to be a great spy. The other Emily is also a an excellent agent, but without all of the personal problems. Our Silk’s daughter died at a young age and in this episode it is revealed that Alpha Emily often visited the Prime dimension just to be around her daughter.

In Alpha world Emily recounts to Prime Howard how the two couples are very different. She doesn’t know she is talking to the wrong Howard, but he appears to take no offense when shes states she dislikes the other Howard. So far that all seems perfectly confusing. As the episode progresses the two grow closer and they appear to connect, just as the Silk’s are doing in the Prime world. The episode ends when assassin’s try kill to Emily and Howard is forced to show his martial prowess thereby revealing he is the Prime Howard. Emily orders him out of the house.

The secret code - Counterpart S02E08 In From The Cold Review


Episode 8 of this season was just a delight to watch. Every character got significant progression. Now the chess pieces are all in place for the final two episodes. At the same time Counterpart as a show is still wrapped in mystery. How did the crossing came into being? Did our “Alpha” dimension really cause a plague in “Prime” ?

Now we aren’t supposed to get the answers to these questions all packaged with neat ribbon on top. I don’t think Counterpart would do that, but I feel the show is setting things up for a reveal on the proportions only Lost could have given. That makes me want to watch Counterpart.

Clare and Peter - Counterpart S02E08 In From The Cold Review


Not everything about Counterpart is positive however. Season 2 took a while to get going and at times it could be confusing as hell. One element that has been sore point is the lack of use of Baldwin, the assassin from the Prime world played by Sara Serraiocco. I consider Baldwin as a breakout character during the first season and so far she has had only a few scenes in the second. Baldwin is still recovering from the mental breakdown suffered from killing her other.

So far she has been trying to reconnect to her ex-girlfriend Greta, but this has ended in failure. In the last episode we saw a scene in which she hoped to become her other, but in this episode she is instead recruited by an Indigo operative to kill Alpha Emily Silk. If she follows this through that will put her on a direct collision with Prime Howard – a man she owes a lot.


I can understand that some readers of this article might be confused by the alternate realities. Hell I get confused, especially of people continue to act like their other. But the cast is thankfully dwindling. The secrets are becoming known and season 2 is heading for some sort of resolution. That makes Counterpart fun to watch.