February 21, 2024


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Continuum “Wasting Time” Review!

Welcome to Continuum’s “Wasting Time” review starring Rachel Nichols.
Continuum - Rachel Nichols

“Wasting Time” is the third episode of Showcase’s new sci-fi series Continuum, unfortunately the third episode was of less quality than the first two so I delayed writing a review of this episode. As for this review, it won’t be too long because even though I think the episode is good I am not going to spoiler too much.

Wasting Time essentially starts were the previous episode left off. Kiera has been accepted into the police team that is searching for Liber8, she tries to help them by giving them background information from 2077 without giving away that time travel is involved. So far she has managed it but I hope that at least Carlos finds out or otherwise this will be Superman/Lois Lane but the in reverse.

Continuum - Wasting Time 2077

Liber8 meanwhile has been hit by the illness of its leader Travis Verta, Kellog is afraid of their second man Curtis Chen and plans to set him up in an ambush. Carlos and Kiera meanwhile have uncovered a series of bizarre murders involving the removal of endocrine fluid from the brain, Kiera deduces that a Liber8 member must be ill and tries to find a connection between the murder victims. After hiding her excellent skill of interpreting DNA charts as a form of pattern recognition she is able to say that it must be Travis who is ill. This isn’t Kiera’s only attempt at blending into 2012 as there is also a funny scene with a bluetooth headset.

Kellog manages to lead himself and Curtis into an ambush that sees Curtis arrested and Carlos for the first time questioning Kiera’s origins. As Kellog returns to Liber8’s hideout he is confronted by the now recovered Travis, who makes his displeasure of Curtis’s arrest clear. Sonya, the groups doctor also sees that Kellog has been tagged and has blown their safe house.

Continuum - Travis Verta

As Kiera enters Liber8’s hideout she is confronted with  Kellog being tied up to a chair, after making a pact Kiera tries to free Kellog but as in a wy similar to a situation that happened in 2077 Kellog has been wired with a bomb requiring them both to jump into the pool before they are blown up.

The scenes involving Alec Sadler confirm that his stepfather is an anti-government radical who doesn’t seem to agree with Alec’s projects in the barn. Other scenes involve Alec’s mother as she defends her husbands radical stance. After three episodes this is a rather disappointing amount of back story and the character of Alec Sadler seems increasingly goofy.

Continuum Curtis Chen


This episode was a little slower than hoped, naturally this show needs to get its rhythm sorted out but it does seem that not everything is possible with the budget given. The show’s attempt at humor work but they do clash with its attempt at drama and suspense. The gruesome scenes involving he murder victims are drowned out by the somewhat surrealistic appearance of Kiera Cameron as she walks around like she is Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) from Star Trek Voyager.

Score; 7.5 / 10.

Viewer ratings; 531.000. This show keeps on sliding slowly.

Continuum - Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron