February 27, 2024


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Continuum Season 3 - Minute Man - Vancouver in 2067 not 2077

Continuum S3Ep2 Minute Man Review

Continuum Season 3 - Minute Man - Vancouver in 2067 not 2077

The third season of Continuum is now in full swing with the episode Minute Man. Last week’s episode felt like a necessary reboot when it showed Alec and Kiera travelling back one week to undo the damage they did at the end of season 2. Kiera has a second agenda, she now works for the freelancers and hell-bent on stopping both Alec’s from making anymore mistakes. On top of that she has to solve a murder. That of her own, for this she enlists the help of Carlos who in my opinion was underused during season 2 despite being one of the show’s major characters. Kiera has thus a lot of work to do and time is against her when forces unknown assassinate Mr. Escher.

The Alec-who-has-NOT-travelled-back discovers all over that he is the father of Jason. Jason tries to help out in his own schizo way the Alec-that-has-travelled-back-a-week.

Continuum Season 3 - Minute Man - Garza confronts Sonya

Carlos meanwhile has to deal with the new mayor, his old friend Jim Martin (Tahmoh Penikett) who has gone over to the dark side. Mayor Martin makes a deal with Carlos and inspector Dillon and rat out his former Liber8 friends. Kellog also admits to both Kiera and Carlos that he was there when Mr. Escher was killed. Jim Martin continues to reveal Liber8 details and also uses the fact that Dillon is a member of the board of the Piron corporation. Kiera reveals to Kellog that she knows Mr. Escher was Alec’s father and that she knows he had him assassinated. She orders Kellog to stay away from Alec. However, Kellog reveals that he knows that there are two Alec’s Sadler’s.

Garza finds her way back to Travis, and discovers that he has reunited with Sonya. Garza is skeptical but seems reassured by Sonya’s desire to once pursue Liber8’s agenda. However, Garza does have difficulty explaining that it was Kiera that sprung her free from the Freelancer prison. Liber8 manages to abduct Jim Martin by hijacking his ambulance which he was using for travel. Liber8 forces a confession from him. Kiera recruits Alec-who-has-NOT-travelled-back to find the mayor while Alec-that-has-travelled-back-a-week can break into his laboratory to try and find out who killed the ‘other-Kiera’.

Continuum Season 3 - Minute Man - Erik Knudsen as Alec Sadler

NOTE FROM THE REVIEWER – if you can’t follow me this far you should definitely not watch season 2!!!

Kiera and Carlos manage to rescue mayor Martin. Dillon decides not to charge Martin as he has committed political suicide with his confession without actually revealing any real details. in the eyes of Dillon, Liber8 set up Martin to reveal all of Liber8’s former mafia associates while also revealing his own complicity. Kellog meanwhile is confronted by Emily who wants to bury her alliance with Kellog. Kellog states that he can reveal to Alec that Escher was his father and that Emily killed him. In the credit scenes, we see Jim Martin shoot himself.

Continuum Season 3 - Minute Man - Sonya Valentine (Lexa Doig)


This episode of Continuum was very tightly written, every scene had a double purpose or hidden meanings. It also puts season 2 into a new light though I think it is still a mess. Continuum seems to continue its efforts are removing secondary characters. Last week it was Escher and now it was Martin. For a moment I thought it may even be Kellog after both Kiera and Emily perceived him as an obstacle. Who knows, if he murdered the version of Kiera that had not travelled back in time he may well end up going next.

Score; 8.7 / 10. A very good episode of Continuum and it keeps season 3 on track.

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