July 21, 2024


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Blade Runner 2019 # 4 Review - small cover

Blade Runner 2019 # 4 Review – the end of book one

Blade Runner 2019 # 4 Review - cover by Rafael Alburquerque

A few days ago Blade Runner 2019 issue 4 was released. I have been so busy with the website as well work I have had no time to do a thorough review. Which I hereby remedy with my review of Blade Runner 2019 # 4. If you want to catch up with all three previous reviews here are the links: issue # 1, issue # 2 and issue # 3.

Issue 4 takes Blade Runner Ash to the sanctuary island off the coast of Mexico. With the help of the Tyrell corporation she managed she track down billionaire Selwyn’s missing wife and daughter. The former is confirmed to be a replicant, after the real Isobel died of illness. Initially the reunion between Ash, Isobel and her daughter Cleo is anything but warm. Ash is referred to by the replicants as ‘the butcher’ – owing to her habit of taking body parts when she needs them.

Blade Runner 2019 # 4 Review - Ash confronts Isobel

The butcher vs Selwyn and the mercenaries

However, a truce is called when Ash states she is not there to ‘retire’ anyone. Instead Selwyn shows up with a band of armed mercenaries. He explains how Tyrell demanded Cleo when he was given the Isobel replicant. Cleo holds the key to replicant longevity, which could make them worth a lot more to Tyrell. The Isobel replicant discovered this plan and knows Cleo won’t survive the procedure intended by Tyrell. The replicants on the island as well as Isobel and Ash turn on Selwyn and manage to kill most of mercs – in a way that is a bit more gratuitous then previous issues.

Blade Runner 2019 # 4 Review - Ash shoots dead Selwyn Mercs

Unfortunately Isobel is wounded and asks Ash to take Cleo into hiding, which she does. After returning to LA and ditching the spinner provided by Tyrell Ash is pondering where to hide. It is Cleo that points to the sky. The story ends with the line ‘End of book one’.

Blade Runner 2019 comic keeps on changing

Issue 4 was noticeably different from the first three. So far with each new issue the reader is given a new morsel of information regarding why Isobel fled with Cleo and what the interest is of Tyrell and Selwyn. Now in issue 4 all plot points converge in the deadly shootout on the sanctuary island of the coast of Mexico. The setting feels different form anything we have seen before. The Blade Runner movies did not venture far from the dystopian cityscape of Los Angeles. Yet, the story circles back to were it all began.

Blade Runner 2019 # 4 Review - Ash leaves with Cleo

Issue 4 also hints a more deeper plot lines. To the uninitiated the desire for the Tyrell corporation to gets its hands on Cleo appears simply villainous. Yet, with Eldon Tyrell nothing is simple. By giving him Isobel in return for Cleo he is affecting a great deal influence on Selwyn. Readers have to consider the fact that Cleo is key to Replicant longevity to be bullshit. After all the original movie established that the 4 year lifespan of replicants was there as a control. What if Eldon is playing a deeper game with Selwyn, and how does Ash fit in all of this?

Blade Runner 2019 # 4 Review - covers by Titan comics

Conclusion and issue # 5

The fact that I am asking these questions means that the Blade Runner 2019 comic series is finally starting to come into its own. As it says in the title, with issue 4 the first book is completed. The Blade Runner comic series is not over. Issue 5 is set for a December 11th release date. I hope as the story develops we will learn more about Ash herself and how she became the butcher. I hope you enjoyed my review of Blade Runner 2019 # 4 and Be sure to check back in for issues 5. If you don’t want to miss any of my posts you can subscribe to the mailing at the top of left bar. Also be sure to check out my dedicated Blade Runner page and the community forum. Both will receive a revamp over the coming weeks.