May 24, 2024

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Beyond Good and Evil 2 - logo

Beyond Good and Evil 2 new gameplay footage 2018 – Ubisoft teases before E3

Beyond Good and Evil 2 - logo

Beyond Good and Evil 2 new gameplay footage 2018

One of the games I am most excited about, besides Cyberpunk 2077, is Beyond Good and Evil 2. Today, Ubisoft released footage of early-alpha gameplay. This gives us the first indication of the direction the game is set to take. I did a preview of the game during last years E3 show (you can read it here) in which a senior developer showed footage of a tech demo.

Today’s footage seems to build on that. The 3 minute montage reveals shots of the protagonists fighting with sticks, dual blades and as a team. The montage also show more of what the player will be flying, including small backpack thrusters intended to inspect locals more closely.

3 minute montage Beyond Good and Evil 2

Beyond Good and Evil 2 has embraced the open-world concept completely. It sports a computer generated world that nonetheless stays constant. Meaning every time you visit a place you will see the same – it is not randomly generated. This concept appears similar to Star Citizen. It is interesting that two developers use the same technique independently. To ease some fears the developers have emphasized how players can co-operate. It will be possible to fly in an armada and even in formation.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 - protagonist

One of the developers showcasing where Beyond Good and Evil 2 is headed is Michel Ancel – the developer of the first game. He explains some of the context of the pirating aspect. Sadly, what he says is barely understandable, but the gist is there is a reason why pirates hide in caves. Well, I am sure the game will have a fantastic story.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 - formation flying

A release date beyond 2018 and 2019

Now, while I believe we will see more of Beyond Good and Evil 2 at E3 a release will be far in the future. The footage is still described as early alpha. That means it could still be as many as 3 years until we get a finished product. Knowing Ubisoft I will give a more optimistic estimate with a 2020 release date. Ubisoft has established itself as the king of open-world games and so I believe they can pull it off.