April 16, 2024


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Agent Carter S1Ep7 SNAFU Review. Hayley Atwell as agent Carter

Agent Carter S1Ep7 SNAFU Review

Agent Carter S1Ep7 SNAFU Review. Hayley Atwell as agent Carter

This weeks episode of Agent Carter, SNAFU, is the seventh of eight episode of the first season. I am sad to see the first season end so quickly but a quick pace of the show does have its appeal. In SNAFU both Carter (Hayley Atwell) and Jarvis are forced to take a back seat to the action after both have been arrested. Instead the episode concentrates on Thompson, Sousa and Dooley as they try to build a case against Carter. Their instincts lead them away from her into Leviathan’s deadly path which will have severe consequences for one of them.

Agent Carter S1Ep7 SNAFU Review. Bridget Regan as Dottie Underwood

Agent Carter S1Ep7 SNAFU Review

Now under arrest, Carter undergoes interrogation by her former colleagues at the S.S.R. After some time Jarvis appears with a signed confession from Stark, in which he promises to surrender if Peggy is released without charge. The confession turns out to be a ruse by Jarvis, but when Carter spots Dr. Ivchenko communicating in Morse code with Dottie across the street she decides to reveal everything to Dooley, Sousa and Thompson in order to gain their trust and stop an impending attack. Dooley decides to trust Carter and dispatches Sousa and Thompson to find Dottie while he returns to look over Dr. Ivchenko. Alone with Dooley, Ivchenko manages to hypnotize him and has him lock Jarvis and Carter in an interrogation room. Ivchenko and Dooley then head to the S.S.R.’s labs to steal something from the collection of Stark weapons. Meanwhile Sousa confronts Dottie, but she manages to escape – killing another S.S.R. agent in the process. Ivchenko, now in possession of one of Stark’s weapons hands Dooley an experimental armor vest to wear, before leaving the S.S.R. and being picked up by Dottie.

Agent Carter S1Ep7 SNAFU Review. Dooley wearing a bulletproof bombvest

Thompson frees Carter and Jarvis, and the three of them find the hypnotized Dooley in his office wearing the vest. They manage to rouse him but Jarvis reveals the vest will explode shortly and there is no way deactivate it, left with little choice Dooley steals Thompson’s sidearm, shoots out a window, and jumps moments before the device detonates, killing him but leaving the S.S.R. offices mostly intact. Having escaped from Sousa and Thompson, Dottie arrives at a crowded cinema with a baby carriage containing a gas cylinder, which she activates before leaving and locking the door behind her. The gas makes many in the audience begin to cough loudly before they begin to violently turn on each other. An usher arrives with some latecomers to find the door locked, they open it to reveal the entire audience bloody and dead.

Agent Carter S1Ep7 SNAFU Review. SSR Bombed


SNAFU was an excellent episode of Agent Carter. I was sad to see Chief Dooley die. Unlike Thompson and Sousa his character had true depth. Actor Shea Whigham and only scratched the surface of what would have been possible with his character. However, Agent Carter asks for sacrifices and after Sousa and Thompson finally start to believe Carter is innocent of the crimes leveled against her Dooley became the fifth wheel to the team. Leviathan assassin Dottie Underwood (hats of to Bridget Regan) continues to be an effective antagonist. The façade she maintains is thin to the audience but for everyone in late 40’s America she truly is the innocent gal who quietly buys a baby stroller for purposes of conducting terrorism. If there is one thing I want from a second season of Agent Carter it would be more Dottie. Her veneer that Dottie maintains is however broken for Thompson and Sousa who after a fight with Carter know what women are capable of. Sousa discovers Dottie’s cold efficiency when he finds the dentist she murdered in the previous episode covered in flies still seated in his dentist chair. This development regarding women makes Thompson and Sousa more interesting for the future of the show, but their sudden turnaround regarding Carter’s innocence felt rushed and illogical. It was something the show required and which perhaps could have been better organized. With the fast pace of events during SNAFU I can overlook this blemish. SNAFU is otherwise one of the best episodes of Agent Carter. This was Agent Carter S1Ep7 SNAFU Review. Tell me what you thought of the death of Chief Dooley in the comment section below.

Agent Carter S1Ep7 SNAFU Review. Cinema slaughter

Score; 9.2 / 10. Necessary plot developments both aid and undermine this excellent episode of Agent Carter

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Next week Agent Carter will be back with the season finale Valediction on February 24th.