March 4, 2024

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12 Monkeys S1Ep9 Tomorrow Review. Foster dying.

12 Monkeys S1Ep9 Tomorrow Review

12 Monkeys S1Ep9 Tomorrow Review. Ramse and Cole ready for an ambush

12 Monkeys seems to be riding on a wave of good reviews. This weeks episode ‘Tomorrow’ concludes Cole’s first attempt to undo the plague. The episode ends predictably in his failure to stop the damage. Now he and Katarina may have rethink the strategy, but each may well have dark motivations to continue the time-travel experiments. This week it is just a short review for an episode that is about the best hour in TV in months.

12 Monkeys S1Ep9 Tomorrow Review. 2017 mililitary woman.

12 Monkeys S1Ep9 Tomorrow Review

In 2043, Jones orders her team to seize Spearhead’s energy core, claiming that Foster is lying about a cure for the virus. She confronts and kills Foster, and her group captures the core and re-energizes the time machine, but at the cost of many lives, including Whitley’s father. Ramse takes Sam and Elena to safety; the latter claims Foster did really have a cure and suggests Jones is lying. Jones is seen destroying a page from Foster’s research. Flashbacks to 2041 reveal how Cole and Ramse met Jones, and how Ramse coerced Cole into joining Project Splinter. In 2017, Cole is brought to see a dying Railly, who is fighting the plague at the CDC. She tells him that a lot happened with her and his future self after 2015 as they battled to prevent the plague, and gives him an important address before dying. Jennifer appears, preaching to a group of refugees about “daughters” and an “army.” When Cole returns to 2043, he argues with Ramse, who says Jones lied about Foster’s cure, and wants to end Project Splinter. Cole retorts that the project is the only way to stop the virus and save Railly, and the two come to blows.

12 Monkeys S1Ep9 Tomorrow Review. Massacre of Spearhead.


I was just about to believe that Colonel Foster was deceiving everybody. In the end it came down to whom Marcus Whitley believed. After he manages to convince his father who is head of Foster’s security detail the fate of the Colonel had been sealed. That didn’t make his death any less surprising. Instead of a pitched showdown it ended in a massacre of Spearhead. Foster’s death touches a nerve when we discover he may have found a cure, but Katarina is imply unable to give up on the losses she suffered. Only Ramse’s girlfriend suspects Katarina’s purpose. After she tells Ramse the scene is set for a showdown between Ramse and Katarina. It may well end up being that Cole will get in the middle. Cole’s failure concludes 9 episodes of trying to undo the plague. Both he and Katarina have become deeply obcessed with the past and the question is whether the choice of Cole was even correct. Did the recording of the past actually mention Cole? This was 12 Monkeys S1Ep9 Tomorrow Review.

Score; 9 /10. A wonderfully strong episode that culls the cast considerably with a massacre at Spearhead.

12 Monkeys S1Ep9 Tomorrow Review. Foster dying.