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Vampyr Review – Dontnod succeeds with Moody Action RPG

Vampyr Review Finally, after months of salivating at the idea of sinking my teeth into this game I can play it. This is a review of Vampyr, the latest game by French developer Dontnod. Now, I got only got the game since Tuesday morning and my opinion below is formed based on around 6 hours of gaming. Set in 1918 in London – during the last days of The Great War and the start of the Spanish flu – you play as Doctor Jonathan Reid. Dr. Reid has recently returned from the front, but in London he was attacked, turned into...

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Vampyr Preview – A Macabre Action RPG from Dontnod Entertainment

Vampyr Preview When SciFiEmpire.net first started in 2011 one of the first articles I wrote was on a game entitled Adrift – by Dontnod entertainment. The game studio was totally unknown to anyone, but what caught my eye was that they were French and were producing a Science Fiction action game. Adrift was only a production title and it would later in become known as Remember Me. Sadly, despite the impressive artwork and graphics the game suffered from a linear gameplay style and could not live up to expectations. Instead, Dontnod Entertainment continues to exist and is soon scheduled to release...