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Vampyr Preview Reid attacks (1)

Vampyr Preview – A Macabre Action RPG from Dontnod Entertainment

Vampyr Preview When SciFiEmpire.net first started in 2011 one of the first articles I wrote was on a game entitled Adrift – by Dontnod entertainment. The game studio was totally unknown to anyone, but what caught my eye was that they were French and were producing a Science Fiction action game. Adrift was only a production title and it would later in become known as Remember Me. Sadly, despite the impressive artwork and graphics the game suffered from a linear gameplay style and could not live up to expectations. Instead, Dontnod Entertainment continues to exist and is soon scheduled to release...

Nilin - Remember Me (Adrift) - DontNod Entertainment.

Remember Me PC Review!

Remember Me PC Review! About two years ago just after I started this blog I posted the first high-resolution art of a game called ‘Adrift’. It was the French developer ‘DONTNOD Entertainment’ first game. The art was an instant hit. I guess the lure of a cyberpunk Neo-Paris was just too good to pass on. The only questions remained were what kind of gameplay the game would have and whether the developer could handle such an ambitious project. Last year we saw the first screens and video’s of ‘Remember Me’ as it was then known and of protagonist ‘Nilin’. The gameplay seemed to resemble...

Remember Me (Adrift) Preview!

Remember Me (Adrift) Preview!

Last year we showed off the gorgeous artwork of Dontnod Entertainment’s Adrift, a game set in the year 2084 of which few other details were known. Now, at GamesCom, it was revealed that the title has changed to ‘Remember Me’ and that the game will be published by Capcom. The game’s protagonist is called Nilin, she is a Memory Hunter who has to hunt down her own memory in the cyberpunked inspired Paris of 2084. In this world people have been implanted with Sensation Engine that allows the user to exchange memories, this tech has been created by a company called Memoryeyes (I guess that makes them...