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Altered Carbon - Joel Kinnaman as Takeshi Kovacs

Altered Carbon Review – Netflix strikes out with a Hardboiled Cyberpunk Marvel

Altered Carbon Review Netflix’s new show Altered Carbon is one I have been looking forward for some time. The show is an adaptation of the novel with the same from author Richard K. Morgan. Altered Carbon’s best description is as a ‘hardboiled’ cyberpunk story. Show creator Laeta Kalogridis has created what in essence is Blade Runner for the small screen. A worthy successor to a little known TV show from the 90s called Total Recall 2070. In fact, comparing Altered Carbon with either of those would underplay the terrifying depiction of a dystopian world, the special effects, storylines and sardonic humor. Despite ticking...

Deus Ex Mankind Divided trailer and screenshots revealed. Suppresssed handgun.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided trailer and screenshots revealed

Deus Ex Mankind Divided trailer and screenshots revealed The Deus Ex franchise is certainly one of my favorite gaming franchises ever since the original was released in 2000. The game got a sequel in 2003, Invisible Wars that was less well received with complaints it was somewhat dumbed-down. After 8 years new life was blown into the franchise with Human Revolution to which Mankind Divided, announced today, is considered a direct sequel to. The original Deus Ex was a brilliant blend of multi-genre gameplay with influences from Neuromancer and the tech-noir, cyberpunk sci-fi sub-genre. That Deus Ex even got finished was...

‘Adrift’ game preview! GamesCom.

‘Adrift’ game preview! GamesCom.

Adrift is the first game from ‘Don’tNod productions’, a new studio from France. At this years GamesCom convention in Cologne they revealed the first details of ‘Adrift’ (working title), which is a shooter with adventure and rpg elements in a trend that has been popular for a few years. The game is obviously inspired by cyberpunk with its neon/high-tech look reminiscent of movies such as Blade runner and The Fifth Element. However, the choce of setting isn’t so odd for a french company as France has a large comic-book history with a cyberpunk style going back decades, and indeed seems...