Person Of Interest S3Ep16 ‘RAM’ Review!

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  1. kane2026 says:

    Today I got an email from frabrizio who is a big fans of Sarah Shahi.

    sono un fan italiano di questa stupenda attrice che ho seguito su Live e su Person of interest. E’ la donna ideale secondi il mio canone di giudizio. Gli auguro sempre maggiori successi. Sarò molto grato di un suo autografo se possibile. Saluti

    Roughly translated it means….

    I’m a fan of this beautiful Italian actress (Sarah Shahi) who I have followed on Life and Person of Interest. She is the ideal woman in my judgment. I wish more and more success. I will be very grateful for her autograph if possible. Greetings.

    Well, Frabrizio. I agree Sarah Shahi is a beautiful woman. She also happens to be American of Iranian descent. She recently credited her good looks with being a cheerleader in high school. I don’t have her autograph so you will have to check somewhere else but I can show you the link below for something ‘special’!!!

    See you back here soon Fabrizio.