Leonard Nimoy has died at age 83

Leonard Nimoy has died at age 83. Leonard as Spock

Leonard Nimoy has died at age 83

Sadly it has been reported that veteran actor Leonard Nimoy has died at age 83. Most Science Fiction fans know Leonard from his role as Spock on Star Trek. More recently he had reprised his role in the 2009 Star Trek Reboot. His other sci-fi credentials include Fringe as Dr. William Bell as well as many small guest roles. Leonard Nimoy began his acting career in 1951 with a small part in the movie ‘Queen For A Day’. Yet success came in 1966 with the role of Spock, the half-human half-Vulcan, second officer next to William Shatner’s Captain Kirk. The series was cancelled too soon, but the part remained a fan favorite. For Nimoy the difficult production meant he became an alcoholic for which he went to rehab. For the last several months Nimoy had been in hospital after complaining from severe chest pains. He suffered chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which he contracted after a life-long smoking habit. Nimoy died on February 27, 2015 in his Bel Air home according to his wife Susan. His last major motion picture role was as Spock in the second Star Trek reboot movie in 2013, Star Trek Into Darkness.

Leonard Nimoy has died at age 83. Leonard as William Bell

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