Keanu Reeves and Roland Emmerich produce New Angeles

The Matrix - Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) holding up her hands

Keanu Reeves and Roland Emmerich produce New Angeles

Stargate director Roland Emmerich and The Matrix star Keanu Reeves are working together on a new sci-fi TV series. According to Deadline producer David Ellender has set up a production company for the show which is tentatively called ‘New Angeles’. The basic premise sounds somewhat familiar, especially considering Keanu Reeves is involved. ‘Set in the future, the series centers on a young man who escapes the mundane reality of his life by entering an exciting virtual reality world called New Angeles. Once down the rabbit hole, he adopts a new identity, becoming the man he was always destined to be, and in the process, unlocking the keys to a mystery that has real-world consequences for him and his family.’ The virtual reality part seems to borrow a good deal from of The Matrix, but there appear to be plenty of differences to wait and uncover what this new show is about. Don’t forget, The Matrix itself borrowed elements from William Gibson’s Neuromancer. As for Keanu Reeves part in this, he is set to co-produce along with Roland Emmerich who will also direct the pilot. Emmerich has some excellent sci-fi credentials to his name but I fear that his glory days of Stargate and Independence Day have long been behind him. Still, he is set to direct a remake of both his early successes. This is what Ellender had to say about Reeves and Emmerich, “We’re thrilled to have Roland and Keanu on board for a project of this magnitude,” said Ellender. “Roland’s masterful vision for this is extraordinary and Keanu’s action work behind and in front of the camera speaks for itself.”

Keanu Reeves and Roland Emmerich produce New Angeles

Keanu Reeves and Roland Emmerich produce New Angeles

The only dampener on the production effort is the fact that as of yet no network has picked it up for release. This is what the press release had to say,  ‘The company, which has financial backing from private investment firm TPG Growth, is focused on producing series and limited-run programming for the U.S. and global broadcast, cable and on-demand marketplace, working closely with talent to develop its projects. It recently teamed with Reeves on its first series, Rain, based on the best-selling book series by Barry Eisler, which Reeves is set to star in and executive produce.’ And so fans of The Matrix or sci-fi in general will have to keep their breath for a little while longer. I myself am more interested in finding out what Roland Emmerich is working on, press releases stating he is either directing ID Forever or the new Stargate Trilogy are released in quick alternating succession.

Keanu Reeves and Roland Emmerich produce New Angeles - Elizabeth Mitchell in Minority Report TV

To top off the good news, it has been reported that a TV series is being produced based on the 2002 Steven Spielberg movie Minority Report starring Tom Cruise. So far the details are scarce, but the plot is set to take place about 10 years after the movie and involves a male precognitive working together with a female detective from the former PreCrime divisions. Such gender bender roles have been very popular lately and I hope the producers all the best. However, some sci-fi fans have questioned whether the formula is enough to attract an audience. Both Fringe and Almost Human had similar elements and were cancelled because of lack of viewers. This Minority Report TV show is also set to be produced by the Fox Network just like Fringe and Almost Human. Science Fiction is treated in a unforgiving manner by viewers. If you try to introduce more mystery than Lost too early viewers will fell cheated and tune out (Revolution). On the other hand, if the show has too much drama it won’t be considered sci-fi like BSG. It is also seems obvious that this show is trying to tap into the popularity of Person of Interest. Max Borenstein (Godzilla) is set to write the new show. Fans have already started to speculate which actress will take up the lead role. For once I am stumped, I can see both sci-fi ladies Anna Torv and Elizabeth Mitchell in the role but they do seem rather obvious.

Keanu Reeves and Roland Emmerich produce New Angeles - Anna Torv in Minority Report TV


This was Keanu Reeves and Roland Emmerich produce New Angeles

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