July 20, 2024


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Enterprise season 2 Blu-ray arrives August 20th!

Enterprise season 2 banner

Now that Star Trek Into Darkness has hit the cinema’s there is almost a Star Trek craze that I feel wasn’t there 4 years ago. That said, Star Trek Into Darkness has received some mixed reviews that seem to have repercussions for its box-office earnings. Generally there is a feeling that the plot is a bit bloated in some areas while the character development is minimal. None of that matters when Enterprise season 2 finally comes to Blu-ray on august 20th. I had hoped the disc-set would come sooner but the date would have to do. My own recollections of season 2 are somewhat hazy, it pretty much continuous where season 1 left off but doesn’t have the innovations of season 3 yet. From that point of view it is somewhat the runt of the litter. Despite the viewership dropping during this season its quality is solid. Meaning that each episode does what it does well but there are few storytelling surprises.

However, just like season 1 this season also makes the error of introducing a species before the canon timeline that fans support. The episode ‘Regeneration’ deals with the Borg when one of their spacecraft is found in the ice of Antarctic. Unlike the season 1 episode ‘Acquisition’ that deals with the Ferengi there is little to forgive in this episode.

Now that the worst of season 2 has been mentioned. I am personally looking forward to the episode ‘The Seventh’ which is centered on T’Pol (Jolene Blalock). The episode pretty much brings her emotional state out into the open which will have consequences in all the later T’Pol episodes.

For season 2 CBS has released a trailer showing scenes from fan favorite episodes…

Yes, it does mention ‘Regeneration’. Thank god the season is 26 episodes long!

Below you can see the cover art for the Blu-ray set. I think it is quite handsome. It keeps the style of season 1 while also adding slight touches to make it special. Did you notice the Enterprise in the lower foreground departing earth? The old season 2 cover art was comparatively bland and used a season 1 promo still. Something fans thought was very cheap. Interestingly the trailer makes use of the old cover!

Enterprise season 2 Blu-ray cover - Jolene Blalock as t'pol and Scott Bakula as Jonathan Archer
Enterprise season 2 Blu-ray cover – Jolene Blalock as T’pol and Scott Bakula as Jonathan Archer

Well until more details are released by CBS stay tuned to SciFiEmpire.

Source; www.trekcore.com

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