November 30, 2023

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Wishing you a happy Christmas, from

Wishing you a happy Christmas, from

Christmas is here and so the year is also nearly over. As the author of I have been wishing readers a happy Christmas for a few years now. Except last year when I was on hiatus. However, the days before the holidays always make me think back to what has been going on in my life. When I wrote a similar Christmas post in 2015 I had just started a new job (and since I have started a new one) and I has just seen The Force Awakens at the cinema. Thus this year feels similar, Last week I saw The Last Jedi and despite the haters I enjoyed it.

Yet I can’t say I reflect back on everything equally well. My current job, besides writing for is not fulfilling. My writing career feels like it has been on hold and frankly even writing for is starting to feel like a chore. Since I have been back from hiatus I have kept up a steady schedule, but in the last week I felt like taking a break. And so I have. For the Christmas period I am on vacation in Berlin, Germany just to recharge my batteries – and perhaps continue writing a new space opera I have ideas on.

However, there will be plenty of coverage on before the year is over. For Christmas I intend to post a few holiday snapshots and in the week towards the new year I will post preview articles in what to expect in 2018. So for those who have absolutely nothing to do this holiday – there is still something coming from To ensure you don’t miss an article do subscribe to one of social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

As such I wish every reader of this website the seasons greetings. I hope you will enjoy your holiday. I know I will.