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Nintendo Switch red starup screen

Unboxing the Nintendo Switch to play Super Mario Odyssey

Unboxing the Nintendo Switch I finally purchased the Nintendo Switch. After last week’s review of Super Mario Odyssey I hinted I would get one. I wrote that review using the Switch from a friend. But I suffered from Mario withdrawal symptoms during the week which pushed me over the edge. I doled out the necessary cash for one grey Switch console and a copy of Super Mario Odyssey. I know many of you have already played the console or watched it being unboxed, but I thought I would write an article about it nonetheless. Unboxing the Switch console couldn’t be easier. The box...

Super Mario Odyssey - Mario and Cappy

Super Mario Odyssey Review. Is it worth the price of a Nintendo Switch?

Super Mario Odyssey Review Mario is at again. After fighting Bowser for the gazillionth time (Error, not a number) while travelling on his ship – the Odyssey – he is stranded. The objective remains the same – save the princess before Bowser marries her. I won’t comment on the story, anno 2017 it may appear a little dated even for a simple hero vs. villain set up. Nonetheless, Super Mario Odyssey is the first full-fledged Mario game on Nintendo new console. The question is can the developer rise up to expectations in a world of Destiny 2, Assassin’s Creed and Unchartered? Mario is not...