Westworld S03E08 Crisis Theory Review

With Westworld S03E08 Crisis Theory the season has come to an end. While I do not believe this was a bad season it certainly did not end well. In fact, you could pretty much guess how it would end and you would probably be right. It is difficult to say where it went wrong. Too […]

Westworld S03E07 Passed Pawn Review

I must admit, there is a little bit of Westworld fatigue setting in. After seeing the episode “Passed Pawn” of Westworld I am wondering where all this is leading up to? In fact, I am wondering just exactly what this show is all about and what I should expect out of it. That is generally […]

Westworld S03E05 Genre Review

After last week’s episode “The Mother of Exiles” Westworld shifted into high gear. Dolores has set out to undo Incite’s strategic AI Rehoboam and the man in control of it – Serac. In this week’s episode “Genre” she and Caleb do exactly that. She, Caleb and a kidnapped Liam attempt to steal Incite’s data while […]

Westworld Season 3 Episode 1 Review

After two years Westworld is finally back with its third season. Set mostly outside of the park – as we knew it – the season 3 premiere feels like something new. The show’s creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have always sought to stretch the bounds of the imagination, but now they attempt to do […]