July 11, 2020


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My new novel – Roland – is now available for pre-order from Amazon!

Roland coverRoland

Dear readers of SciFiEmpire.net – my third book, and second novel is now available for pre-order from Amazon. The title of the novel is Roland, named after the protagonist. It is set in in the future, though I would be hesitant to call it pure science-fiction. The novel is scheduled for release on January 29th, this Sunday. So those who pre-order it won’t have to wait long. I have set an introductory price of just $ 1.99 – so be quick because I don’t know if the price will remain that low for long.

Roland marks the end of a long journey. I originally conceived the story about 7 years ago. I had intended to write a novella besides writing my other novel A Day In The Future (which is also available from Amazon). Over time the story and the characters grew and so it became a full novel. Roland can be best considered my mix-tape of future dystopian fiction in a similar vein to 1984, Fahrenheit 451 and Brave New World.


During the winter of 2044-2045 the European Alliance appears on the brink of losing World War Three. Propaganda keeps this from Roland and his friends, but unsettling events bring the war back into focus. A shooting at school gives Roland and his friends a reason to go looking for answers. They discover bitter truths about the war, themselves and their friends.

Future projects

A this moment I am at a crossroads. I haven’t decided what to write about next. I do have a number of story outlines I can work on, including a novella set in the Roland-verse. However, I think I might try and be more ambitious and try my luck at space opera. Be sure to check back at SciFiEmprie.net for any updates on my novels, or if you want to say something about your own writing efforts.