The X-Files – New promo and poster show Scully and Mulder teaming up

The X-Files – I Still Want To Believe! On January 24th The X-files will be back with a new 6-episode season after 15 years. I believe (no pun intended) that most fans will have firmly pinned the date on their calendar. Yet it seems that even with all the promotions and articles it is hard […]

Rebel Galaxy Review – the game that bests Elite Dangerous

Rebel Galaxy, an indie game that may just beat Elite Rebel Galaxy is a game available for download on Steam and produced by Double Damage Games. It is available for PC and MAC OS X, there is also a PS4 version in the works. The game is a space-faring action shooter similar to Freelancer and Elite but […]

The Man in the High Castle episode 2 ‘Sunrise’ Review

The Man in the High Castle Earlier this year Amazon released several pilot episodes of TV-series it was producing. These episode for their prospective shows were used to gauge their potential. The pilot episode of The Man In The High Castle, an alternate history drama, came out on top. It received rave reviews from both critics […]

Introduction to Algorithms with Perl

Yet another chapter of my introductory CS book After I posted Sunday’s sample chapter on programming I thought I would post another that is nearly finished. Chapter 5 deals with common computer algorithms such as bubble sort, quicksort and the principle of recursion. The chapter is entitled ‘Introduction to Algorithms with Perl’. As you may guess, it is written in […]

Disney releases The Force Awakens trailer, still no Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker!

The Force Awakens trailer released Disney has finally released the full length trailer for The Force Awakens, the upcoming Star Wars movie that is so hot it needs to be touched with special asbestos gloves with little jawa’s printed on it. The buzz surrounding J.J. Abrams movie is reaching epic heights, not seen since the release […]

Python programming – an introduction to coding

Python programming The text below is a sample chapter of a book on the Linux command line, programming and hacking that I am writing. It is tentatively scheduled for release in January 2016. If you find any typo’s or blatant errors please feel free to email me and I will make corrections. Please note this chapter is intended for those […]

Syfy cancels Defiance – After 3 seasons fans will have to switch to Dark Matter, Killjoys and The Expanse

Syfy cancels Defiance In a surprise twist Syfy has cancelled Rockne O’Bannon’s futuristic series. Defiance has only completed its third season this summer, but the steadily dropping ratings were cause for Syfy to cancel it entirely. Defiance first aired in 2013 and was an experiment at a transmedia franchise. At the time of the TV-series launch a Massive Multiplayer […]

Star Citizen Preview – Chris Roberts strikes back at doubters at the 2015 CitizenCon

Star Citizen is back! Last weekend the founder of Cloud Imperium Games, Chris Roberts, held the annual CitizenCon in Manchester. For some years he has been busy developing Star Citizen, an ambitious MMO-space simulator that harkens back to his early years (Wing Commander and Freelancer). After some delays, the release date has shifted to early 2017 for […]

Agents of SHIELD S3Ep2 Purpose in the Machine Review

An article on went into detail about how the new season of Agents of SHIELD will transform the series for the better. Certainly after two episodes I agree it has managed an incredible turn around. So much so that I remain skeptical if Marvel is doing the right thing releasing even more shows on Netflix. […]