Revolution S1 episode 18 ‘Children of Men’ Review!

Revolution has been a in a dark place for some episodes now. At first the second half of season 1 saw some good improvements but quickly episodes started stalling and make impossible leaps in character development. The low point was when Monroe’s right hand man Jeremy Baker (Mark Pellegrino) was killed off. Last weeks episode […]

Continuum S2Ep5 ‘Second Opinion’ Review!

Continuum is back from a two-week hiatus. The episode before the break (Second Skin) was probably the low point in the series so far. Alas this weeks episode entitled ‘Second Opinion’ is better but not very exciting. It feels a bit like a bottle show in that there few special effects or action scenes. However, […]

Warehouse 13 S4E14 ‘The Sky’s the Limit’ Review!

Warehouse 13 has been back for its second half of season 4 for two episodes now. Honestly, the series had kind of popped off my radar screen as Defiance, Continuum and Revolution are also on. To make matters worse, the first episode was one very big dud. However, last’s weeks episode ‘The Big Snag’ was […]

Star Trek Into Darkness Review!

Finally I have been able to see Star Trek Into Darkness in at the cinema. If it wasn’t just only for the fact that I am a veritable Trekkie that I wanted to see it but also to finally be able to put aside the continuous promotion of the movie that has gone on for weeks now. […]

Defiance gets renewed for second season by Syfy!

After just 5 episodes into its first season Syfy has already given its news flagship show Defiance the benefit of the doubt. Syfy has renewed the show for another 13-episodes that will start airing in 2014. The announcement is surprising for several reasons. So far the quality has been uneven. A lot of viewers are confused about the background […]

Person of Interest ‘God mode’ Preview!

I am glad to see that the Person of Interest finale scheduled for Thursday evening is so hotly anticipated by viewers online. As I mentioned in last weeks review of Zero Day PoI had some problems during the middle of its second season with character being killed off just because the actors playing them had […]

Person of Interest ‘Zero Day’ Review!

This is the review of Zero Day, the first to last episode of Person of Interests second season. While this season has been notably bumpier than the first I am happy to say that the show has been able to get itself back on track. At this moment the sow seems to suffer more from having […]