Harrison Ford Star Wars Episode 7 injury more severe than thought

Harrison Ford Star Wars Episode 7 injury Harrison Ford’s publicist has confirmed to BBC News that the injury the actor sustained on-set is more severe than initially reported. The 71 year old actor broke his left leg on the Pinewood set on June 12th and had to be airlifted to hospital. “His surgery was successful and […]

MGM reboots Stargate with a new trilogy directed by Roland Emmerich

A few months ago I already reported that MGM was thinking of rebooting the Stargate franchise. Roland Emmerich was attached to the project and slated to direct at least one of the proposed movies. I presumed that after the news broke the project would move into pre-production, but in the movie business everything takes time. Now […]

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As some regular visitors to this site may have noticed I have started to make some alterations. I am still in the process of altering the desktop theme and I have now added a new mobile theme. I consider both to be work in progress so please do give feedback. Of course the main changes are about […]

Disney announces new ‘Canon’ Star Wars literature

This morning the Walt Disney Company announced that the Star Wars literature and comic-books know as the Expanded Universe is not canon. Fans have been dreading the announcement ever since the first rumors started about Episode 7 some 10 years ago. Now it would seem that all those novels and comics are ready for the trashcan […]

Jurassic World first set pictures from next years summer blockbuster

Finally we have the first set pictures of Jurassic World, the fourth dinosaur movie intended to reboot the series. Jurassic World is scheduled for release in June 2015 and will be directed by Colin Trevorrow. If you are going to ask whether you should know him the answer is no because he has only made 3 low-budget […]

Farscape movie in early stages of production!

In a surprising twist it was announced by Farscape creator Rockne O’Bannon at WonderCon that a Farscape movie is in the works. It appears however that the movie is still in the early stages of development. Rockne O’Bannon is of course also known for creating the TV-show Defiance which will have its second season air this summer. The original Farscape series […]

Star Wars Episode 7 Preview & Casting News!

Reporting the news around Star Wars  Episode 7 is a hard thing to do as frankly we know very little that is official. The news that is reported is often so little and based on rumors that it is either unworthy to report or you can wait a week for it to be confirmed or debunked. However, one […]