Outcast Second Contact Review – Revisiting Adelpha with Cutter Slade

Outcast Second Contact Review Besides Super Mario Odyssey and Star Wars Battlefront 2 there is another game I have been looking forward to this fall – Outcast Second Contact. Developed by an re-incarnation of developer Appeal the game exists somewhere between a remaster and a remake of the 1999 game Outcast. Fans of the original have managed to […]

Unboxing the Nintendo Switch to play Super Mario Odyssey

Unboxing the Nintendo Switch I finally purchased the Nintendo Switch. After last week’s review of Super Mario Odyssey I hinted I would get one. I wrote that review using the Switch from a friend. But I suffered from Mario withdrawal symptoms during the week which pushed me over the edge. I doled out the necessary cash for one […]

Super Mario Odyssey Review. Is it worth the price of a Nintendo Switch?

Super Mario Odyssey Review Mario is at again. After fighting Bowser for the gazillionth time (Error, not a number) while travelling on his ship – the Odyssey – he is stranded. The objective remains the same – save the princess before Bowser marries her. I won’t comment on the story, anno 2017 it may appear a little […]

Happy Halloween – Greetings from the Afterlife

Happy Halloween Hello everybody. I hope you enjoy reading articles here on SciFiEmpire.net. I can see readers are especially interested in yesterday’s review of Berlin Station. Perhaps I will add the series to my regular line-up. As some readers may have noticed the release of posts has become irregular. I have been busy, since April I have a […]

Assassin’s Creed Origins Review – Ubisoft returns to its roots in Ancient glory

Assassin’s Creed Origins – Back in the Animus After 2 years Ubisoft has finally released another Assassin’s Creed game – this time called Assassin’s Creed Origins. The game is available for Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Below I am reviewing the PC version. Origins is set in ancient Egypt, in case you were […]

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta begins today

Battlefront 2 Electronics Arts Battlefront 2 has gone into Early Access beta today (October 4th). For those who pre-ordered the game early one will have exclusive access to play several of the game modes. On Friday (Oct 6th) the game will go into Open Access beta. That will allow even those who have not purchased […]

First Official Photos of Tomb Raider reboot starring Alicia Vikander

Tomb Raider reboot Warner Bros. studios has unveiled the first details of its Tomb Raider reboot, including an official first look at Alicia Vikander in the starring role. Previously a few pictures of on set scenes managed to leak, but now we have official high-res pics. First look An official plot synopsis was also released. Lara Croft […]