Wishing you a happy Christmas, from SciFiEmpire.net

Christmas is here and so the year is also nearly over. As the author of SciFiEmpire.net I have been wishing readers a happy Christmas for a few years now. The days before the holidays always make me think back to what has been going on in my life. When I wrote a similar Christmas post […]

Happy Thanksgiving + some tips for Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving I wanted to wish everybody a happy Thanksgiving. I am sure that after all the roast turkey, pastries, marshmallows and drinks you will be looking to do something else. Perhaps even browse the internet to see what is worth spending your money on Black Friday. Now I am not a major fan of Black […]

Exapunks Review – learn to program while gaming!

Exapunks Review Zachtronics is back with another ‘programming’-like puzzle game for the PC. The small game developer headed by Zach Barth has been making a name for itself with creating whacky engineering games that require the player to rub all of their braincells together. Exapunks is no different. It has a storyline inspired by the […]

Happy Halloween and schedule for the remainder of 2018

Happy Halloween Hello everybody, and a Happy Halloween. I am posting this today because tomorrow (October 31st) I won’t be in. After an absence of several months I have decided to again post articles for SciFiEmpire.net. I know that some readers will know that its my 3rd restart in as many years, but I don’t care […]

SciFiEmpire.net celebrates it’s 7th anniversary! + Book Giveaway

SciFiEmpire.net celebrates it’s 7th anniversary! Today marks the day that seven years ago I started SciFiEmpire.net. In fact the website had been up running for a week or two back then but I was still choosing a layout. July 3rd 2011 I wrote my first post. Since then SciFiEmpire.net has gone through various incarnation until […]

Round-up of Science Fiction Games at E3 2018

After an extended vacation I am back writing for ScifiEmpire.net. First on my todo list is a write-up on the best things I saw at this years E3 show in LA. Below are 10 Sci-Fi games I am looking forward to. Cyberpunk 2077 CD Projekt RED’s Cyberpunk was the darling of this year’s E3. Unlike […]