Cloudpunk Review is a brilliantly witty Indie game

One of the problems with Indie games is that you may never hear of them. Big publisher’s have the resources to conjure up hype months in advance. Three days ago I had never heard of Cloudpunk, a neo-noir story set in the metropolis of Nivalis. This was kind of the same with Firewatch and Zachtronics […]

Westwood classics Command & Conquer + Blade Runner return

Westwood Studios One of my all-time favorite game studios was Westwood Studios. I remember playing Command & Conquer for literally hundreds of hours in the late 90s. Red Alter, Tiberian Sun, Dune 2000 and all of the expansion packs were at one time part of my game collection. Hell, I even played Nox. Yet, there […]

Game preview: System Shock 2020

One of the most influential games of all time is System Shock from 1994. Developed by LookingGlass Technologies it had big names such as Warren Spector attached. Unlike other first-person 3D games it focused more on RPG elements and complex storyline. A mixture that has become a staple of nearly all non-twitch shooters. That said, […]

A Happy 2020 from

2019 has finally passed and so has the decade. I wanted to wish every reader a happy new year and may 2020 and the next decade be successful for everyone. Today I thought I would write this post to look back on 2019 and detail my plans for 2020. I hope it will encourage you […]

Wishing you a happy Christmas, from

I wanted to wish every reader of a happy Christmas. This website celebrated 2019 as its eight anniversary and so far this year has been its best. I changed the format from writing just reviews to do more opinion articles and in-depth technical articles. I also added articles about science fiction comics: most notably […]

Happy Thanksgiving + some Black Friday tips

I wanted to wish everybody a happy Thanksgiving. It is the day that officially kicks off the holiday season with roasted turkey dinners, marshmallows and excessive spending. Or last least, if you follow the Black Friday craze. For those that do I have a few special tips on what you might spend your money on. […]

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Review

For years Star Wars fans have been waiting for a decent game. Sadly with the demise of LucasArts to little more than a holding company a drought set in about 10 years ago. Then Disney purchased the Star Wars rights from Lucasfilm and gave licensing rights to Electronic Arts. “And Millions of fans screamed out […]

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Review – the best Halloween game ever

The latest game to play on the Nintendo Switch is Luigi’s Mansion 3. Of which this is a mini-review after having played about 10 hours. The game is surprisingly enough not developed in-house by Nintendo, but instead by Next Level Games from Vancouver. With a lot of games set within the Mario or Zelda universe […]

Happy Halloween 2019 + schedule for the fall

I will start by wishing everybody a Happy Halloween Halloween is slowly starting to become more of an event where I live. In fact I saw the first pumpkin lanterns just now as I was walking outside through the autumn coldness. And there is plenty to do this Halloween weekend. Playing Luigi’s Mansion 3 and […]

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Preview

If you have been watching entertainment news in the last few weeks you cannot help but notice things are heating up around Star Wars. The Rise of Skywalker is slated for December 18th, The Mandalorian for November 12th and Jedi Fallen Order for November 15th. Things have been quiet with Star Wars gaming for well […]