Announcing 2nd edition of Linux, Programming and Hacking

Announcing 2nd edition of Linux, Programming and Hacking

Hello readers, in my Thanksgiving greeting from last week I hinted that I was nearing completion of a new edition of my book Linux, Programming and Hacking for beginners.

Now I am formally set to make the announcement official. This second edition of my 2016 book is currently set for a December 31st release on Amazon Kindle. The new edition will feature more content, bug fixes in code examples and removal of a few ugly typos.

Since the beginning of the year I have been going through the first edition with a comb – highlighting what I felt was wrong or needed improvement. Though I was pleased with the first edition I opted to look at the second edition from the viewpoint of somebody who never used Linux. Or has knowledge with programming, or hacking. As such a lot of the text has been altered.

In addition I felt that some of the programming assignments were a bit rudimentary. Although the first edition went beyond the simple ‘Hello, world!’ examples I felt more practically scripts were necessary that users could alter and expand. This way every chapter feels as though it has more meaning. In the second edition I added several Python homework examples such as creating a NMAP clone, a password generator and a small game. The final part of the book has also been expanded. The basics of hacking or penetration testing is complemented with more in-depth examples.

For a better description of the alterations check out the Amazon page for Linux, Programming and Hacking for beginners.

A new cover

The second edition of Linux, Programming and Hacking for beginners is available for pre-order for $ 2.99. Currently Amazon does not show the cover, but I am assured it will be there in a day or two. Below you can see what the cover looks like. I hope you will find my book intriguing enough to purchase. I doing so you help me support this site with more content.

Final cover 2nd edition Linux Programming and Hacking