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Archangel Naomi and Vince

Archangel Review – An unexpected Sci-Fi comic by William Gibson

Archangel Review Archangel is a comic book novel written by famed Science Fiction author William Gibson (Neuromancer). It got published last year as a five-issue limited series by IWD. In this review I am looking at the entire series published in a single issue book format. Archangel is set in the last days of WW2, in Berlin just before the atomic bombs fall on Japan. It tells a story of how the world might have been different but it is also a biting social commentary of the age of Trump. Archangels was co-written by Michael St. John Smith, with art...

Pattern Recognition by William Gibson Review!

Pattern Recognition by William Gibson Review!

Ever since the Neuromancer movie has moved into pre-production I have started reading and rereading William Gibson novels. Pattern Recognition is the first novel in a trilogy entitled ‘Bigend Books’, which is a reference to the character Hubertus Bigend that appears in all three novels. Pattern Recognition didn’t start out as the beginning of a trilogy, at first author William Gibson conceived it as a stand alone story but ultimately it grew with Spook Country (2007) and Zero History (2010). Pattern Recognition deals with topics such as ‘found footage’, ‘memory of history’, globalization and branding. At times these themes come too...