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Inferno Squad Review

Inferno Squad Review – A Star Wars Battlefront 2 novel by Christie Golden

Inferno Squad Review Later this year Star Wars Battlefront 2 action shooter is set for release. For Disney this is a second chance after their 2015 reboot failed to deliver. Developer EA DICE have include a single player campaign besides the multiplayer. Earlier this year Disney showed a preview of what to expect. The campaign will focus on Inferno Squad, an elite ‘Imperial’ unit tasked with wiping out rebel cells. The trailer shows a confrontation between various Original Trilogy characters and Iden Versio, the leader of Inferno Squad. As a tie-in to the game, and The Last Jedi, author Christie...

Star Wars Inferno Squad by Christie Golden

Disney announces Star Wars Inferno Squad as sequel to Rogue One

Star Wars Inferno Squad The standalone Star Wars movie, Rogue One, released in December has not disappointed Disney financially. However, as most of the major characters died at the end of the movie we are not likely to see a sequel. LucasFilm producer Kathleen Kennedy has already said as much. To keep the Rogue One mini-franchise going Disney has announced a follow-up novel – Star Wars Inferno Squad. With this novel the Rogue One continues in another format. Inferno Squad is written by Christine Golden, whose work Dark Disciple I reviewed 18 months ago. The book is scheduled for release on July...

Star Wars Dark Disciple Review + Giveaway

Star Wars Dark Disciple Review + Giveaway

Star Wars Dark Disciple Review + Giveaway On the road towards Star Wars Episode 7 slated for December 18 LucasFilm is releasing new novels to fill in the storyline. I already reviewed Lords Of The Sith and gave it an average score. For a title as catchy as ‘Lords Of The Sith’ both Darth Vader and Darth Sidious were notably absent for most of the story. Can Star Wars Dark Disciple by Christie Golden¬†do better? The title, Dark Disciple,¬†indicates the reader can expect more Sith intrigue and this is correct. The story is set during the Clone Wars just before...