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Sherlock Holmes

Read my Sherlock Holmes short story on FanFiction.net

Sherlock Holmes on FanFiction.net Fans of Sherlock Holmes can read a short story I wrote on FanFiction.net (follow the link to the story). I just uploaded Sherlock Holmes The adventure of the Second Woman Who Wasn’t. And so I cannot be certain others can read it straight away. It is a Science Fiction story with background references to Neural Networks and crime solving computer systems. I had been wanting to do a Sherlock Holmes story for a while. At first I considered combining...

Tips on Writing Fiction - Point of View

Tips on Writing Fiction: Part 2 – Point of View

Tips on Writing Fiction – Point of View A little over a week ago I wrote an article on writing fiction. It was a just a set of tips covering issues such as that important first draft and why you should redraft your story. For the second article in this series I have chosen to discuss the point of view or narrative of a story. I will discuss what they are, how you should use them and why they can trip...

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes The Adventure of the Second Woman Who Wasn’t – A short story

For a few weeks I have been writing a Sherlock Holmes short story. As an author I write for SciFiEmpire.net kind of like a side-project. Yet I don’t often post the fiction that I write. It is something I intend to correct. In fact, if you follow this link you can read a Star Trek The Next Generation short story I published last month. Today I finished a draft of a Sherlock Holmes story I had wanted to write for a...