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Zach-Like A Game Design History

Review of Zach-Like: A Game Design History

A few days ago I received my copy of Zach-Like: A Game Design History. For all intents and purposes it is a book covering more than 10 years of game development at Zachtronics. I use the term ‘intents and purposes’ advisably because it mostly contains sketches of the games Zach Barth and his studio has worked on. I purchased my copy because I find the topic fascinating. Zachtronics has kept me entertained for a number of years now and their success has caused me to work part-time as a game developer, besides my more mundane job of creating facial recognition...

Exapunks Review The Phage

Exapunks Review – learn to program while gaming!

Exapunks Review Zachtronics is back with another ‘programming’-like puzzle game for the PC. The small game developer headed by Zach Barth has been making a name for itself with creating whacky engineering games that require the player to rub all of their braincells together. Exapunks is no different. It has a storyline inspired by the Cyberpunk genre. Set in an alternative 1997 you the player are a hacker who needs to cure himself a computer born illness called The Phage. With medicinal doses running up to 700 dollars per day the user is required to start hacking for money. It beats...