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Elysium Fire by Alastair Reynolds Review

The Maestro of SF Alastair Reynolds returns to Revelation Space with Elysium Fire

Elysium Fire Today celebrated author Alastair Reynolds announced the title for his next novel – Elysium Fire. Better yet, Reynolds announced the novel will be set in the Revelation Space universe. This will mark a departure from Poseidon’s Children and a return to the universe that made him famous. Elysium Fire will in fact be set in The Prefect sub-universe. For those unfamiliar with The Prefect, the 2007 novel takes place some time before events of Revelation Space, before the melding plague wreaked havoc to the Epsilon Eridani system. Elysium Fire won’t be a direct sequel to The Prefect, instead it will be...

Revenger review

Revenger review – Alastair Reynolds shows us a world of pirates and skulls, in space

Revenger Writing this review of Revenger is hard. The novel was released in September 2016 and though I am a major Alastair Reynolds fan I initially passed. I am not sure why, Revenger was hinted at by the author for a long time, but its sudden release made me worry it wasn’t that good. I need not have worried, Revenger is fantastic even if there is little to compare it with. But that is hardly a bad thing. So the story is hard to compare, it has both elements of steampunk and hard-sf. It is certainly is space opera, but trying to classify the story would do it...