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Game of Thrones 'The Mountain and The Viper' Review http://scifiempire.net Game Of Thrones - Oberyn (Pedro Pascal) and his paramour before the duel

Game of Thrones ‘The Mountain and The Viper’ Review

This episode of Game Of Thrones has just been fantastic TV. It is one of those rare events when you actually forget you are watching a screen. There is no point in hiding the fact that this episode is about the duel to the death between Gregor Glegane ‘The Mountain’ and Prince Oberyn Martell ‘The Red Viper’, but this episode is so much more than that. It progresses pretty much every major storyline in a meaningful way and repairs some of the damage done to Jon Snow’ storyline. Which frankly, has been boring as hell since season 1. *** HEARTBREAK and SPOILERS ahead...