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Episode 1 L1GHTMAN (Kelly). WarGames Interactive Series Review

WarGames Interactive Series Review

WarGames Interactive Series Review Sometime ago the announcement went around that MGM was considering rebooting the WarGames franchise. In the face of the data leak scandals and the success of Mr. Robot that is a good idea. The original 1983 movie starring Matthew Broderick is a favorite. MGM has teamed up with EKO to create what is an interactive series. Viewers watch the series online, view scenes from different perspectives and supposedly control part of the narrative. Despite being interactive most of the action concentrates one of the characters at a time – that means the viewer will have to...

Photo compilation Wargames Retro Review

WarGames Retro Review: A Movie Inspired By The 70s

I have written a small review for the 1983 movie WarGames. The review is extended by background information on phone-phreaking. The article will eventually become part of my Computer Science book that I am writing scheduled for release in January 2016. Enjoy! There is also a PDF version for download Wargames WarGames Retro Review Back in the early 80’s the first personal computers had only just started to seep through into society. Chances were you didn’t have one, neither did your friend or your neighbors. However, you’re teacher might have one and the acquaintance working for that big tech firm...