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Cover of Red Moon Review by Kim Stanley Robinson

Red Moon Review – Kim Stanley Robinson brings China to the forefront

Red Moon Review Red Moon is a difficult novel to review. Set in a future which is as close to what you might think the future should be. There are no impossible flying cars or teleportation devices. Instead there is private space flight, small colonies on the moon and quantum-entanglement based secure communication. Red Moon is set in a world in which China has continue to grow into the super power it is obvious it will become. It essentially exists in steady partnership with the US, never really friends but with economic ties that can’t be broken. The author Kim Stanley Robinson takes...

Aurora Review - Kim Stanley Robinson

Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson a Review

Aurora Review Author Kim Stanley Robinson released a new novel this year, Aurora. I considered it time to gather my thoughts and write a review for this very good book that alas also has some major deficiencies. Aurora is set some 500 hundred years into future on a generation ship. It’s goal is the Tau Ceti system. Freya, daughter of Devi, the de facto chief engineer, is struggling with her late adolescence. Her parents are worried she is not up to the challenge of colonizing, Aurora, their destination in the Tau Ceti system at which they will arrive soon. Summary of...