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Review X-Men Dark Phoenix

Review X-Men Dark Phoenix – not the movie we needed

Early in January I made my list of top Science Fiction movies for 2019. I also placed X-Men Dark Phoenix on that list, with a few caveats. The constant delays and less than stellar career of its director made my me afraid it would flop. By the look of it X-Men Dark Phoenix will flop. So what happened? Back in 2014 Bryan Singer managed to instill a new life into the X-Men franchise with X-Men Days of Future Past. It had a bi-generational cast, that 70s vibe and time-travel. After that we had two Deadpool movies, Logan and a middling...

Bring Him Home - The Martian

First trailer of The Martian with Matt Damon Released

First trailer to Ridley Scott’s The Martian Slowly the hype around Ridley Scott’s adaptation of The Martian is building. The Martian can be summarized as Gravity set on Mars, but that would be selling it short. Today, 20th Century Fox released a full 3 minute trailer of the movie which is scheduled for release on November 25th. The trailer sets up the story with a voice over from Matt Damon as stranded astronaut Mark Watney. Mark needs to survive on Mars after he has been left for dead and stranded. NASA quickly finds out he is indeed alive and mount a desperate...