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Rebecca confronts Sands. Limitless Finale Part Two!! Review

Limitless Finale Part Two!! Review

Limitless Finale: Part Two!! Review After a season of using a drug enhancing drug that changed his life, Brian Finch finally comes full circle. This week Brian is on his last legs to uncover where Sands is hiding Piper as his immunity from NZT slowly wears of. I enjoyed ‘Finale: Part Two!!’ (yes it does have 2 exclamation marks). The episode is not without its flaws, but Limitless manages to tap into its solid drama base that it has slowly...

Jake McDorman as Brian Finch. Limitless S1Ep19 A Dog's Breakfast Review

Limitless S1Ep19 A Dog’s Breakfast Review!

Limitless S1Ep19 A Dog’s Breakfast Review! The first season of Limitless is quickly drawing to its close. After yesterday’s episode there are just three left. Here is a quick Limitless S1Ep19 A Dog’s Breakfast Review! So Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) rejoined the FBI task force after his return from his sojourn in Russia. The inevitable consequences aren’t ignored. Naz places serious restrictions on Brian: no private office, permanent guards who babysit him everywhere he goes and an oral exam to make sure he swallows the NZT...

Mike in drag. Limitless

Limitless S1Ep09 Headquarters! Review

Limitless S1Ep09 Headquarters! Review For over two months now I have enjoyed watching CBSs Limitless, the sequel series to the similarly named movie from 2011 starring Bradley Cooper. The premise is still the same as the movie. A secret wonder drug called NZT-48 allows users complete access to their brain functions radically increasing their mental prowess. In the TV series Brian Finch, played by Jake McDorman, has been recruited by the FBI after an incidental use of NZT. Unlike many all other people Brian remains...