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Thor Ragnarok - Thor fights The Hulk

Thor Ragnarok Review – Taika Waititi slam dunks the franchise to success

Thor Ragnarok Review Thor Ragnarok was not the movie I was expecting to see. After reading early reviews I concluded it would be the funniest movie in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (MCU). Some referred to it as a masterpiece by director Taika Waititi. Personally I just wanted to see a proper sequel to a sub-franchise that had been on hold for four years and ended on a mixed note (Thor: The Dark World). For the remainder of this review I note: SPOILER ALERT!...

Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg in Indiana Jones 5

Indiana Jones 5 – Can Harrison Ford truly return?

Indiana Jones 5 A few days ago Disney made the bombshell announcement that a new Indiana Jones movie would released in 2019. The movie, a sequel to the original trilogy and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, will again be directed by Steven Spielberg and will also feature Harrison Ford in the titular role. The first response to the news was mostly skeptical. Harrison Ford is 73 right now and will either be 76 or 77 when the movie is released. As the...

Bryce Dallas Howard at Golden Globes Awards 2016

Golden Globes Award 2016 – which were the best actresses on the red carpet?

Golden Globes Award 2016 Along with all the reviews of movies and shows comes the glamour. Few events are more glamorous than the yearly Golden Globes Award. This years event was hosted on Sunday and of course included the red carpet event whereby every actress who is anybody tries to outshine everybody else by wearing the most beautiful or risqué dress permissible. In fact, plenty of not permissible fashion have become permissible by demonstrating it on the red carpet. This years...