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SparkFun Inventor’s Kit Review – the right journey into electronics

SparkFun Inventor’s Kit Review For the past week or so I have been tinkering with the SparkFun Inventor’s Kit. This is an Arduino-based tinkering kit sold by SparkFun for just over a 100 dollars on their website. At first I was somewhat reluctant to purchasing it. This is not my first foray into electronics, so the perceived low threshold made me skeptical. I need not have been. The kit comes with an extensive parts list that covers LEDs, various input sensors, LCD display, breadboard,...

SparkFun Inventors Kit all components

Tinkering with Electronics Part 1 – The SparkFun Inventor’s Kit

The SparkFun Inventor’s Kit Let me introduce myself. I am a software engineer. I code, program and find optimal solutions to problems that can be defined mathematically. I am not really much of a hardware guy. Sure I know how computers work – sort of. But I am not a tinkerer. I write, paint and I draw but I don’t know much about electrical engineering. About 8 years ago I tried to remedy that. I bought an Arduino based robotics kit. In...

All 4 LEDs are on. Flashing your BeagleBone Black eMMC with Debian

Flashing your BeagleBone Black eMMC with Debian

Flashing your BeagleBone Black eMMC with Debian As many of you may know I am writing an introductory book on Linux and Programming. I have already posted some sample chapters. Yet, as a TA and Software Engineer I am frequently asked a question regarding the BeagleBone Black. The BBB won’t be a part of my book but I thought I would post my answer anyway. One of a the recurring problems I have with the Beaglebone Black and one I am frequently questioned about is...