Starfleet Academy The Gemini Agent review!


In The Gemini Agent, as first-year final exams week kicks off, several incident reports with serious allegations against James T. Kirk end up on the Commandant of Midshipmen’s desk. None of the allegations are true, of course… or are they? Kirk is being plagued by mysterious blackout periods, so he finds the allegations difficult to refute. During these blackout periods, he has no recollection of what he did, save for some very disturbing and disjointed memories. Kirk needs his friends, Bones and Uhura to help prove his innocence. Who is targeting Kirk, and why is he being targeted? And how far are they willing to go? Someone close to Kirk holds the answers to all of these questions, but can he put the pieces together before it’s too late?


This book was written by Rick Barba and is intended for young adults.

Unfortunately, this books is not as good as the first two in the Starfleet Academy series. The storyline can only be described as a mess, somehow a artificial intelligence inhabits a person and does crazy things at the Academy, but the details are so vague and contradictory that I just don’t get it. The Romulan angle can quite frankly only be understood by a Star Trek geek with years of Star Trek experience. I got it, but will others readers? Probably not.

Unlike Rudy Josephs the author of this book is also more inclined to add pieces of teen angst to the story, because it is noticeble it also distracts from the rest of the story. Furthermore the character of Kirk seems wooden, it’s like he can only do a ertain set of things in a certain way and nothing else.

There are two plusses in this book.

The first is that Spock is now officially introduced to Kirk, albeit indirectly. The second is de first occurance of Pavel Chekov. Where Doctor McCoy’s character shun in ‘The Edge’, his character is the star of this story and offers both intentional and unintentional hilarity. Especially the scene in which he almost drowns in his own dorm is very funny.

However, the book is otherwise utterly forgettable. Where ‘The Edge’ was an experience this book is a chore, and that can’t be right.

Score; 6.5/10.

So what’s next for Starfleet Academy.

Well, more books are planned for the young adult market. Sadly nothing has been announced for older more seasoned readers of Star Trek.

The next book in the Starfleet Academy series is entitled ‘The Assassination Game’ and its author is Alan Gratz. Despite its rather provocative title for a young reader book I must say I am game.

The official release date was september 2011, but that has probably slipped.


The rules are simple: draw a target. Track him down and “kill” him with a spork. Take your victim’s target for your own. Oh, and make sure the player with your name doesn’t get to you first. No safe zones. No time outs. The game ends when only one player remains. James T. Kirk is playing for fun. Leonard “Bones” McCoy is playing to get closer to a girl. But when a series of explosions rocks the usually placid Starfleet Academy campus, it becomes clear that somebody is playing the game for real. Is it one of the visiting Varkolak, on Earth to attend an intergalactic medical conference? Or could it be a member of a super-secret society at the Academy dedicated to taking care of threats to the Federation, no matter what rules they have to break to do it? Find out in The Assassination Game.

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  1. Nigar says:

    Finally saw the movie at the IMAX yesterday. Aside from the oavolred of being in the front row seats, I really enjoyed it. Being a long time trekker, I think they did a good job with this “reboot” of the franchise. The characters played off each other really well, the action was standard sci-fi but well done, great CGI, and it was fun! Sure, I had some niggles too. They played a little fast and loose with the tech. Transporting onto a ship in warp light years away? C’mon Also, what looked like factory space on board the ship(s) and having a standard push/lock door on an ice planet (with a little ewok gnome, but that is another story) seemed a bit incongruous. Also, have Spock “Prime” (is that like Optimus?) come in an save the day like Gandalf was a bit of a crutch. I’m not sure yet how I feel about Spock and Uhura being an item too. I do like how Abrams kind of gave things a bit of a “Galactica” look when shooting the space sequences, though not so much that it was uber obvious. All in all, worth seeing in the theater, esp. in IMAX, and a good start to a hopefully reinvigorated series. Let’s face it, these guys will be going to Star Trek conventions for the rest of their lives!