Revolution season 2 trailer from Comic-Con!

Revolution season 2 banner - Elizabeth Mitchell, Billy Burke, Tracy Spiridakos and Giancarlo Esposito Revolution season 2 trailer from Comic-Con!

The Comic-Con bliss continues with NBC releasing a lengthy preview trailer of Revolution’s second season. The trailer starts as so many before it with a brief recap of events of the first season. Then it shows the rather disheartening moments after Randall Flynn launches the ICBM’s at Philadelphia and Atlanta. It would seem that Aaron’s attempt at switching off the electricity to shut down the missiles will be in vain. That much has already been revealed by other sources.

The trailer than moves on to give us glimpses of various storylines of the season 2. Here is a summary.

General Monroe (David Lyons) hasn’t managed to get back to Philadelphia and instead earns his living as a street fighter. Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) is tracking him, but the reason is unknown. Perhaps she is still seeking revenge for her brother.

Aaron seems to have settled down with a women but their lives are interrupted by thugs. Aaron is struck down with what appears to be a fatal blow.

Miles (Billy Burke) and Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) continue their on-off relationship though not everyone approves.

Rachel continues to have nightmares of the time Randall shot himself.

Tome Neville and his son Jason never made it back to civilization either. The fate of Julia is unknown.

It would seem that the gang simply try to live somewhere in the rural Midwest. On the one hand they are confronted with the remnant US government trying to reassert itself while on the other hand lawlessness is back after the fall of the Monroe Republic and the Georgia Federation.

The questions is, will history repeat itself?

The trailer shows us a TV-series that appears to have lost some of its direction. This was always a risk after it tied up so many plotlines during the final episodes of its last season. I hope it merely looks that way. This show has received its fair share of criticism (some unfounded) so there is a high risk its next season will be its last.

Revolution season 2 - Zak Orth as Aaron being struck by blade Revolution season 2 - Tracy Spiridakos as Charlie Matheson hunting Monroe Revolution season 2 - Monroe (David Lyons) as a street fighter Revolution season 2 - missiles fired at Atlanta and Philadelphia


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