New Star Trek Into Darkness HD Pictures!

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2 Responses

  1. Phantom says:

    “So far the promotion of the Star Trek sequel has omitted any reference to a Spock and Uhura romance”

    what about that trailer where they show them KISS?
    or the official synopsis saying that love will be challenged? unless they intent to have an epic kirk/carol romance I guess the love and romance JJ keeps talking about is the spock/uhura one.

    • Kane says:

      You’re correct Phantom, they do kiss in the first trailer. The post has been corrected.
      As for any Kirk / Carol Marcus relationship, to me it would just bring back the sad memories of Star Trek 3 and the death of their son David.
      Knowing the creative staff behind such TV-shows and movies (even J.J. Abrams), they can’t help themselves but repeat history…