New Orphan Black season 2 trailer!

Tatiana Maslany as Sarah in Orphan Black season 2

Tatiana Maslany as Sarah in Orphan Black season 2

For some April 19th can’t come soon enough, because on that date the story of Sarah, Alison and Cosima continues as they uncover the truth about their cloning. All three characters are of course played by Tatiana Maslany who plays each with such conviction that at times I really forget all are played by one actress. I am not sure if higher praise is possible. Fans were fuming she only got a nomination at the Golden Globes. For those unaware of what Orphan Black is… I am not surprised, the series was certainly under advertised before its release. Consider it a blend of Fringe, The Americans and The Blacklist mixed with screwball characters played by Jordan Gavaris, Dylan Bruce and Michael Mando. So for those who haven’t seen season 1 yet I suggest you go check it out. For those who April 19th can’t come any sooner I have sad news. The trailer for season 2 is awesome so more restless night are guaranteed.

Below, you can check out the trailer…

Season 2 certainly promises a lot more action, but it is still focused very much on the relations that the various Sarah clones built with each other and with their friends. Season 1 was certainly not afraid to take its time laying the groundwork for plot dénouements that came much later. I can only hope that Orphan Black won’t make the same mistake as Continuum did with its second season, they certainly jumped the shark a few times too often for my taste. Season 2 will also have 10 episodes, which I think is a good idea as it means that the creative staff can focus on quality and avoid having to both stall plot development and throw the audience a bone with pointless action scenes.

Season 2 will première on April 19 at 9/8c on BBC America


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