NBC Cancels Revolution after two seasons

Revolution Cancelled

During yesterdays review of the latest episode of Revolution I actively speculated that the show would be cancelled. Well, its has been. NBC is pulling the show of the air after just two seasons. In just a week’s time another Bad Robot Productions show is being cancelled. Some bloggers have started to catch on to the fact that many of J.J Abrams produced shows go prematurely to the dodo. Just like Alcatraz and Almost Human Revolution felt underdeveloped from the start. The rushed production irritated viewers as writers made arbitrary choices with their characters. Revolution and indeed the cancellation of Almost Human seems to part of a larger pattern in which viewers are turned away from Science Fiction. Other shows such as Fringe, Eureka, V, Flashforward and indeed Lost all died prematurely. Who is there to save Science Fiction on TV. Netflix maybe?

At least we got some good mementos of Tracy Spiridakos, see the link. I guess we will never find out whether General Monroe takes back the republic. Can he do it in just two episodes that remain?


Ooh. NBC also cancelled Gillian Anderson’s show Crisis as well as Believe. As for Bad Robot Productions, at this moment they have only one show in production and that is Person of Interest. I think that is a testament to Jonathan Nolan and the very good actors on that show.

Source; http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/05/09/revolution-cancelled-by-nbc

NBC Cancels Revolution after two seasons

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