Enterprise Season 4 Blu-ray Preview and Trailer!

Enterprise Season 4 Blu-ray cover - Scott Bakula and Jolene Blalock - Enterprise Season 4 Blu-ray Preview and Trailer!

As Star Trek TNG learned us, all good things come to and end. So did Enterprise, after only four seasons. We have had the good fortune of seeing the first two season on Blu-ray. Early January season 3 will also be released. Today, we finally got the trailer for season 4, which is expected to be released on April 1st if you can believe that. I liked Enterprise, despite the flaws it inherited from TNG and Voyager. Though the series finale of Enterprise is something to be avoided if you don’t want to ruin the entire experience of the preceding four seasons.

Season 4 focused on smaller story arcs lasting for three episode or so each. It was a format that worked well but sadly couldn’t turn the tide of viewer fatigue. Special mention go to the Dr. Arik Soong trilogy guest starring Brent Spiner as well as the Vulcan civil war storyline.

Of course no Blu-ray release is without a few good documentaries. This release will feature some candid interviews with cast and crew about why Enterprise was cancelled and the effects it had on their lives. So you can enjoy the looks of Scott Bakula circa 2013, admire the plastic in Jolene Blalock’s face and the tears in Dominic Keating’s face.

Below is the rather good trailer of the final season. It certainly brought back some dormant memories from 10 years ago. Courtesy of CBS Home Entertainment

Source; www.StarTrek.com

Here are also some screengrabs for you…

Enterprise season 4 - Scott Bakula 2013 Enterprise season 4 - Jolene Blalock as T'Pol in mirror universe Enterprise season 4 - Brent Spiner Enterpise season 4 sign off

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