Continuum Season Finale Endtime Review!

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3 Responses

  1. DojoBilly says:

    Man that shit was good. I’m liking the writers on this one. While not exactly “perfect” as far as technical accuracy (Kiera was how close to a building just destroyed and raining concrete and steel beams? Her suit has a force field, whats this thing powered by???), the story yields more questions than answers, which IMO, should be the extent of a season cliffhanger. Make me HAVE to watch the next season to find out more.
    I like the interaction (NOT romance) between Kiera and Kellog, its no about love its about making decisions about what you’re going to do to survive, not just physically, but mentally and perhaps emotionally. How did Alec get sooo.. evil, or is there a bigger plan? Sonya, the leader? That bitch is scheming as hell! Garza (was a lil turned on by her psycho “Think I’m pretty” talk. I’m into bitches like that) And crazy enough to see Kagame’s cell mate, the oldddd Julian. Love this show! Give me more!!

  2. junor says:

    Just a short note, We did not actually see Sonya shoot travis, we see her pull the gun then we hear the shot. So it could go either way depending on the plot of season 2.
    What I’m really interested in is the “Death” of Kellog’s “Gran”.
    Why was Keira Sent back? The real reason..

  3. nina says:

    F**king royally mind blown!!! I suspected it was all planned since the pilot (I mean you can’t ignore the look of future’s Alec when Keira’s husband tried to get her out of the execusion room, wonder if her lover knew something too) still I was not prepeared for the s**t that came down in the finale! WHAT A HELL OF a MIND-BLOWING FINALE people!!!
    But NO! NO! I WANT KAGAME BACK!!!!!!!! He’s sooooo cool! I WANT KAGAME BACK!!!! They need to make at least an arc about his past!!!!! I need it like air!!!!
    By the way, I’ve been on the side of liber8 since Kagame’s speech in the pilot even if I don’t approve violence….but hey it’s a tv show so!