12 Monkeys Season 2 Trailer Released by Syfy

12 Monkeys Season 2 Trailer Released by Syfy. Aaron Stanford as James Cole

12 Monkeys Season 2 Trailer

Finally, the wait is almost over. Syfy has released the 12 Monkeys Season 2 Trailer. After 12 Monkeys became an unexpected success it will have been more than a year between the release of season one and two. The series continues James Cole attempt to stop The Army of the Twelve Monkeys and the spread of the deadly virus that killed 93 % of Earth’s population. Below you can view the official trailer released by Syfy. The trailer shows some significant deviations of the formula established during the first season.

12 Monkeys Season 2 Trailer Released by Syfy. Amanda Schull as Dr. Cassandra Railly

The first change is the setting, a lot of the scenes in the trailer take place in 1944. This instantly brings a certain Agent Carter vibe. The second major change is the more active role given to Cassie. With Katarina’s help she is sent back to 1944 to help Cole fulfill his mission. No longer is she the damsel in distress that she was only too often during season 1. The trailer is not clear what the allegiance is of José Ramse (Kirk Acevedo), once Cole’s best friend but who also worked for the 12 Monkeys. During the season cliffhanger Ramse appeared seriously wounded as he reconciled with Cole while in the year 2043 the group of 12 took control of the time machine.

12 Monkeys wowed me with its terrific secondary characters. An honorable mention should be Katarina Jones (played by Barbara Sukowa). Katarina invented the time machine in an attempt to restore the world to its pre-virus habitability. In order to keep the machine going she resorted to murder Foster, the leader of a rivalling gang who came close to finding a cure for the virus. In Katarina’s opinion, which she didn’t share, a cure would have been pointless as so many people had already died. How her decision will play out will for me be on of the highlights of season 2.

12 Monkeys Season 2 Trailer Released by Syfy. Kirk Acevedo as José Ramse

Of course other regulars will also return such as Emily Hampshire as Jennifer Goines, the infamous mental-health patient. This was my analysis of the 12 Monkeys Season 2 Trailer. I hope you are as excited about the new as I am. 12 Monkeys returns on April 18th. Return to SciFiEmpire for the review.

12 Monkeys Season 2 Trailer Released by Syfy

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